Power: the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way

Superpower: the outstanding ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way

Day 4: Write your superpowers.

Superpower 1: Listening

I am a good listener. I believe that by listening, our conversations are automatically of better quality. Listening is helping us to respond to exactly what the other person said and not to what we would have wanted them to say.

I find it quite frustrating when people just talk and never listen. Sometimes, you have to stop, take a breath, be quiet and just listen to what somebody else has to say. It may help you to what you are trying to do.

Just as an example, I realised the power of listening, and how helpful it is when I did that photography workshop in New York (read here). Just by listening to the comments, picking up words from the teachers and using these every day when I was going out to take pictures, my work was improving without even realising it.

Superpower 2: Calm

This one is one of those ones that other people say about me. ‘Calm power’. I hear this since I was a kid but honestly if someone asked me to describe myself I would never say that I am calm. But maybe it is one of those that come to us effortlessly and we cannot see them.

I guess it is good to be calm. It is good to not re-act to things and be able to remain calm and see the whole picture before doing anything irrational. In all the aspects of life.

These are only 2 of my superpowers. I have more, you have more too!

I love the idea that we are all superheroes, with superpowers that when we use them wisely we can live a life of freedom and maybe save the humanity. A bit of exaggeration there but you know what I mean. We all fight our fights everyday. We are all superheroes however small or insignificant our fights appear to be to other people. Never forget that.

And, for you, who fight the health fight, keep fighting, you fight the good fight, you are the ultimate superheroes and I respect you for that.

And that’s my day 4 challenge post.

Feel free to share and comment.

Thank You for reading.


1. You are a superhero.
2. You have superpowers.

Some fun:

If You could have Any superpower, anything, no limits, what would you choose?

Me? FLY! I know it is a bit common and maybe slightly boring but I would really like to be able to fly so that I get the opportunity to visit all the beautiful places of this amazing planet we live in.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4 – click here